Questions to ask your potential wedding photographer

When it comes to commissioning a photographer for their wedding ceremony and reception there are certain questions the happy couple should be asking that particular individual they have in mind (and they should be looking at several photographers not just the first they find on a search engine or the phone book).

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The questions include:

  • How will you deal with certain weather conditions ie cloud, strong sunlight, rain etc
  • Can I see albums of previous weddings you have taken in the past?
  • What if there’s a problem with your camera on the day? Or if the images get corrupted – do you have a back-up?
  • Will you be using flash or setting up lighting for the reception photographs?

Couples shouldn’t be embarrassed to ask a potential photographer any of the above questions. They’ll kick themselves if they don’t and something goes wrong with their photographs on the big day itself.

As a Florida wedding photographer we’re here to help your wedding photos tell a
story and inspire the feelings you’ll feel on your wedding day every time you look
at them. So call us and let’s chat.

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  1. Vasilena Balabanova

    That is a great idea…I never thought to ask these questions…

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