Rawsrvnt offers #LoveStruck EP to campaign supporters

Rawsrvnt releases cover art and tracklisting for #LoveStruck EP inspired by experience as a newlywed. Bill Barbosa Photography had the honored to photograph Rawsrvnt and his Bride’s wedding.tumblr_inline_ndecai1kWt1qbrb2z (1)

Written by: Sketch the Journalist
Posted by: Rawsrvnt.com

WEST PALM BEACH, FL – Florida-based artist Rawsrvnt released the artwork and tracklisting for upcoming #LoveStruck EP inspired by his experience as a newlywed.

The project will be sent as a “thank you” gift to supporters of the artist’s recent Indiegogo campaign. Hard copies will also be available through his website and at live shows with digital versions for sale via iTunes for only $2.99 USD. That option will include a digital album booklet with song credits and the names of those who financially backed the project.

#LoveStruck’s cover art features an image of the new bride, Chrissy Puyol, in her wedding dress. She’s represented as a painting hanging above a couch with Rawsrvnt wearing the suit and sneakers (Nike LeBron James brand shoes dubbed “What The”) he wore during their ceremony.

“That day was so special to both of us,” Rawsrvnt said. “We actually gave a copy of this project to everyone who attended the wedding and now we want to share a piece of it with all of my fans and friends.”

The following songs will be on the album.

1. Fallin’ In Love feat. Milliyon
2. Game Changer feat. Lil Raskull
3. I Gotta Feeling/Take It All (DJ Promote Mix)
4. On Fire feat. Pettidee & D-Maub
5. Father I Trust Ya feat. Sara Delight*

At the event reception, DJ Promote’s remix of “I Gotta Feeling/Take It All” was used as the couple’s entrance music and Rawsrvnt performed “Fallin’ In Love” there too.

Fans and supporters can also follow Rawsrvnt online through FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.